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ECOSeason Co., Ltd. is an enterprise of thinking highly of the earth environment in the 21st century and human health and happiness.

Thank you for your visit to our website.

ECOSeason Co., Ltd. develops Quantum Energy System with the use of quantum energy technology. By applying first the quantum energy technology to cars, our company developed the ERES products for cars. ‘In addition, by applying it to engine oil, transmission oil, coolant, air cleaner and engine fuel line for cars, ECOSeason implemented the reduction in smoke and micro particles, the increase in engine power, the extension of lifespans of engine and engine oil, and the improvement in fuel efficiency, and the decrease in noise and vibration.

With our top professional manpower and state-out-the-art quantum energy technology, our company will continue to develop and manufacture diverse products for a variety of internal combustion engine, living, health, agro-livestock, and fishing industries, and futuristic new growth-engine industries.

In the era that people face infinite competition in the dim future and that technologies go beyond the concept of time and space, our company will create a new paradigm to make dreams come true and become a strong business partner to grow together.

In order to hand down the clean environment to descendants, ECOSeason promises to do the best to become a pathfinder to create the cultural heritage of the future environment that will be glorious in one hundred years.

Thank you.

All executives and employees of ECOSeason Co., Ltd.