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Quantum Laundry Ball

This laundry product developed with quantum energy makes it possible to wash without detergents. As an eco-friendly product, it does not require any detergent for laundry. Since this hygienic laundry ball has strong anti-bacterial efficacy and causes no detergent residue, it is good for babies and people with sensitive skin or skin diseases.

Effects of Quantum Laundry Ball


Quantum Laundry ball is usable over 1,000 times (3-4 years).

Anti-bacterial effect

This product is strongly effective at not only deodorization, but anti-bacteria.

Healthy skin

Since there is no detergent residue, this product makes the sensitive skin healthy.

Quantum Laundry Ball’s principle of washing

Ionization reaction

Interfacial Activation

When this product is put in a washing machine with water, it generates surfactant molecules.

Surfactant molecules cover stains.

Surfactant molecules weaken the binding force of fabric and stains.

Stains fall off fabric.

Quantum Anti-bacterial Mask

For this mask product, quantum energy matter and natural inorganic matter, which work to enhance immunity and release waste in our body, are applied to fabric with the use of semi-permanent textile technology.

Features of Quantum Anti-bacterial Mask

Bacterial sterilization

Perfect anti-bacterial and sterilization even in reuse of the mask after the washing over 50 times

Far-infrared release

Release of far-infrared rays helpful to improve immunity of the human body, give good sleep and relieve fatigue


Strong deodorization function as powerful as an air freshener
Strong deodorization function as powerful as an air freshener

Washable and reusable

The clinical test by a national organization proved the maintenance of the original function even after washing over 50 times.

Test report of Quantum Anti-bacterial Mask