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ERES for living

When water passes through the quantum energy based product, it turns the most beneficial crystal and helps to keep the optimal balance of the human body. Through quantum energy irradiation, the product emits plenty of oxygen, far-infrared rays, and anions and makes water optimized for the human body.

Components of ERES for living

ComponentsBasic head 1ea, Shower head 1ea, Tumbler 1ea

  • Basic head

  • Shower head

  • Tumbler

ComponentsHandy Head 1ea, Shower head 1ea, Tumbler 1ea

  • Handy Head

  • Shower head

  • Tumbler

ComponentsTumbler 2ea

  • Tumbler

  • Tumbler

ComponentsNew-Tumbler 2ea (including tempered glass, pouch, and case)

  • New-Tumbler

  • New-Tumbler

Effects of ERES for living

QE Basic/Handy Type Head

QE Shower head

Chlorine removal ball

Helpful to remove residual chlorine and hydrate the skin

Quantum Energy Cell

Helpful to increase human immunity, effective at anti-bacteria and deodorization, helpful to activate NK cells, effective for inhibiting active oxygen, helpful to enhance human cell function, effective at skin conditioning

Non-woven Fabric Filter

Removal of rust and impurities

Impurity Absorption Filter

Helpful to remove residual chlorine and hydrate the skin

Microporous Plate

Water saving: about 30%,, Anion emission: about 400,000/cc,
skin massage, skin hydration

Test of ERES for Living

Test method

1. Put 50ml water in a plastic container.
2. Add three drops of pH reagent.
3. Mix together for 30 seconds and make comparison in color chart.

Aquarium Purified WaterpH6 acidic water

Putting pH6 acidic water in QE Tumbler

Water purified by QE tumbler / pH7 neutral water

Q-E Cell for agro-livestock-fisheries

When water passes through the quantum energy based product, it turns crystals most beneficial to each of living organisms and helps to keep their optimal balance.

For overhead flooding pipe (per line)

For flooding treatment (per ton/per 3-5ton

Q-E Cell Protective Ring Flow Velocity Process/Wavelength

Effects of Q-E Cell for agro-livestock-fisheries

The energy generated by Q-E Cell makes H₂O turn into H₃O₂ (water with hexagonal structure).

The measured oxidation-reduction potential value of water that changed to structural water through non-contact and contact of Q-E Cell reveals that reductibility of the water improves. Therefore, Q-E Cell increases the number of negative electrons.

Compared to general ceramic, Q-E Cell is excellent at anti-oxidation.

The influence of Q-E Cell on living bodies

  • Increases the proliferation speed of cells
  • Inhibits proliferation of cancer cells.
  • Effective at anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation.
  • Increases mitochondria membrane potential .
  • Improves blood flow.
  • Source: Data of the test on electric charge occurrence of water (research data by The State University of New York) / ERES application cases

ERES application cases

Eco-friendly pepper farming

Eco-friendly lettuce farming

The image of lettuce right before harvest
(harvesting 5 days earlier)

The color and taste of lettuce are excellent. It had the highest contract price at Daegu Maecheon market.

Eco-friendly tomato farming

General Overhead Flooding Treatment

Due to 7-day raining without sunlight, growth points turned brown.

Q-E Cell Overhead Flooding Treatment

Growth points turned green and looked good.

Edible Snails

The active state of snails before Q-E Cell flooding treatment

The active state of snails after Q-E Cell flooding treatment

Raising chickens

Water supply before Q-E Cell treatment
Feces without shape.

Water supply after Q-E Cell treatment
Feces with shape