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Chito Q

The world’s first and unique fermented low-molecular water-soluble chitosan helps to double absorption and promote health recovery for internal organs.

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What ischitosan?

  • What is chitosan?

    It is the new material developed in the way of processing chitin of crustacean for easy absorption in the human body.

  • what is chitin?

    chitin is derived from the Greek word 'chiton meaning a gown or tunic. It is a component of the hard surface or shell of an arthropod.

How is the water-soluble fermented
low-molecular chitosanextracted?

Features of chitosan

  • Popularity of chitosan as a functional material

    • Animal polymer dietary fiber

    • No melting in water and no decomposition by enzymes in the body

    • Positive (+) ions' binding to negative (-) ions to remove:Chelation

    • Bioaffinity(binding and reproductivity)-problem in the body

    • Strong anti-bacterial power

  • Applied areas

    • Medical area(artificial skin, blood vessel, contact lens, operating room)

    • Industrial area(waste water purification and treatment, heavy metal removal)

    • Animal & plant feed and fertilizer area(pest control, anti-bacteria, growth)

    • Cosmetics(skin hydration, soap, pack, hair protection)

    • Food products(coagulant, preservative, additive, etc.)

    • Functional food products(intestines, immunity, joints, etc.)


The world's first and unique fermented low-molecular water-soluble chitosan helps to double absorption and promote health recovery for internal organs.

Water-soluble low-molecular chitosan

  1. Activation of immunity system: increase in white blood cell count, activation of NK cells
  2. Cholesterol control(in intestines and blood vessels)
  3. Blood vessel purification(detoxification) : cholesterol, heavy metals, blood clots, etc
  4. Proliferation of beneficial bacteria in intestines : inhibition of harmful bacteria, intestinal regulation, bowel movement
  5. Activation of anti-bacteria & cell combination
  6. Others : blood sugar, blood pressure control and obesity prevention, absorption of micro particles

Efficacy of chitosan

  1. Decholesterolization : arterioscherosis reduction efficacy, a component of creating cell membrane in the body, hormone generation, a main component of bile acid helping out fat digestion
  2. Activation of immunity fuction : suppression of the diseases caused by immunity deficiency, such as cancer and AIDS
  3. Emission of chlorine, a cause of hypertension (NaCl:Sodium chloride, Cl:chlorine)
  4. Reduction in neutral fat value, suppression of fatty liver, and enhancement of liver function
  5. Proliferation of effective bacteria in intestines : improvement in the fuctions of digestive organs, promotion of bowel movement, prevention of constipation, generation of anti-bacteriallactic acid and acetic acid, generation of vitamin B group, suppression of coliform bacillus, anti-cancer, prevention of cavity
  6. Intestinal alkalinity : activation of NK cells killing cancer cells
  7. Absorption and release of heavy metal ions in the body
  8. Biological affinity to treat burns and skin diseases clearly
  9. Activation of cell production(generation of articular cartilage, etc.)

Health care(Necklace & bracelet)

This healthcare product helps to supply oxygen to cells smoothly and release active oxygen, toxin, and waste out of the body. It is effective at prevention of cell destruction and oxidation, and detoxification.

The principle of the healthcare product

This product helps to supply oxygen to cells and to release active oxygen, toxicity, and waste out of the body



Active oxygen

Healthcare efficacy

Oxygen supply

Toxin and waste release through oxygen supply

Cell destruction and anti-oxidation

Cell destruction and anti-oxidation

Detoxification: Delay in ageing

Delay in ageing through detoxification

Potential stabilization

Making the potential of the body return to normal state

Interferon induction reaction

Activation of white blood cells, promotion of interferon (virus inhibitory factor) production

Maintenance of homeostasis

Prevention of biological membrane degeneration and DNA & RNA damage