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What is Quantum Energy?

Quantum energy means the energy generated when quantum (atoms, electrons, electric charges) in the air of Earth gathers together in a certain space.
About 60% of radiant energy reaching Earth from the Sun is quantum energy whose central wavelength is about 10 micrometer, which is the source of all animals and plants.

​The cosmos (earth) consists of matters and space. Space is not empty, but is filled with air and superquantum field.
All matters and living organisms including human are created in the steps of changing the overlapped superquantum fields in the air into waves,
newly overlapping waves and turning energy, and changing overlapping energy to elementary particles and matters.
As such, living organisms are created in energy steps. If their living space has quantum energy, they are healthy and active. Otherwise, they get sick and die.

In other words, quantum energy quantum energy refers to zero point energy in quantum physics. It is an original energy filled in space, making all things exist.
The products of quantum energy fused matters improve their unique features and functions.

ECOSeason Technology

ECOSeason has made research to improve automotive performance and air quality influenced by exhaust gas for several years, and ended up creating the brand ERES.
ERES standing for Engine Recovery Energy System is the energy system to recover engine.

ERES was developed in the way of applying quantum energy to the technology of improving automotive power and fuel efficiency and reducing smoke. ERES with the technology of catalyzing quantum energy was selected as Industrial Development Achievement Grand Prize in 2017 Proud Korean Awards, and its value was recognized.

In 2020, quantum energy technology was applied to overall living supplies. As a result, our company develops and sells a variety of products related to our living, such as ERES for living (shower head, faucet, tumbler), quantum antibacterial masks, quantum laundry balls, health care products (necklace & bracelet), and water-soluble fermented chitosan product (named ‘Myeong’). These products are highly popular with consumers.

In 2021, our company developed Q-E Cell (Quantum Energy Cell) for agro-livestock-fisheries, which is applied to various kinds of water essential to raise and grow animals and plants. The product is installed in nationwide agro-livestock-fishing industries.

ECOSeason Co., Ltd. will develop and manufacture quantum energy technology based products by making continuous R&D. Since it is possible to apply quantum energy technology to all areas, our company hopes that more clients will pay attention to the technology and will have partnership with us.