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Dec 2022

Scheduled to release cosmetic products

Jun 2022

Released functional clothes




Dec 2021

Established ECOSeasonQ Co., Ltd.

Apr 2021

Won Grand Prize at the 23rd Jang Young-sil International Science & Culture Awards in agricultural science & technology section

Feb 2021

Released Q-E Cell products for agro-livestock-fisheries (Overhead flooding pipe and flooding treatment)




Nov 2020

Four types of products for Quantum Health-Care / Life (health care, Fermented chitosan, Quantum laundry ball, Quantum antibacterial mask)

Apr 2020

Three types of products for living (basic type, handy type, and tumbler type)

Feb 2020

Started to sell under direct management


Nov 2019

Signed three-year exclusive supply agreement in Peru

Signed three-year exclusive supply agreement on 200,000 units in Shandong

May 2019

Signed MOU with Thaison Group in Vietnam

Apr 2019

Signed MOU with Korea Association of Delivery Drivers

Mar 2019

Concluded annual one million export contract in three provinces of North East China (including Liaoning)


Dec 2018

Established business partnership with the General Association of Korean Forest Love

Nov 2018

2018 Awarded Grand Prize in the ‘environmental micro particles section’ by Korean Green Environment and Culture

Oct 2018

2018 Awarded Grand Prize of Customer Satisfaction Brand of This Year in the ‘eco-friendly brand (automotive) section-ERES’

Apr 2018

Established business partnership with Gwangju Jeollado Council under Korea Forest Health Association

Jan 2018

Established business partnership with Korean Advanced Farmers Federation (Gangwondo, Gyeonggi-do, Gyeongsangnam-do, and Gyeongsangbuk-do)


Nov 2017

Awarded ‘Industrial Development Achievement Grand Prize’ as a grand prize of Proud Koreans

Jun 2017

Released the Quantum Energy Brand ‘ERES’


Dec 2016

Performed strategic management stabilization

Mar 2016

Released prototypes of Quantum Energy

Dec 2013

Quantum Energy Bulk Test

May 2013

Corrected mixture of Quantum Energy specimens

Apr 2013

Tested Quantum Energy specimens

Jan 2013

Developed Quantum Energy specimens

Aug 2012

Developed hardware

Established ECOSeason Co., Ltd.